My name is Steven Higgins. I am the owner of Inception Web Designs, and handle all aspects of design as well communication with our clients. I started the company back in 2011 as a side business to supplement my primary design job, and have seen it now grow into a full-time venture.

Currently, my wife and I are living in Uganda as self-funded missionaries. Helping others to improve and lead happier lives has brought us the greatest joy we have ever experienced. As mentioned, though, we are self-funded. We pay our own way because we want as much of the donated funds to go to helping the cause as possible. So, Inception Web Designs is still our source of income and a large part of my work week.


There are many other web design firms out there. They offer every service imaginable: market strategy, advertising, web design, graphic design, and so forth. Without a doubt, having one company handle all of those services is helpful. But with a large company comes a large price tag; a price tag that most small to medium companies cannot afford.

However, we focus primarily on web design. And by handling all work myself, our price is unbeatable while delivering web design that is both beautiful and engaging. It provides the quality that is needed at a price that all small to medium businesses can afford.

In addition, any funds you do offer for your project goes to supporting a charitable cause for the beautiful people of Uganda. 

Please check out our portfolio of work. And of course, please contact me with any questions you have. I look forward to working with you!

Steven Higgins - Inception Web Designs

my wife and I are living in Uganda as self-funded missionaries


Steven walked me through each step of the web design process, helping to identify our particular needs. – Wimmer Community Management

My company was so impressed that we have already recommended IWD to several partner companies. – Fresh Start Estates


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